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Different rooms with different styles, to elt you enjoy your in-room time.

We propose a Pillow menù, to best fit your sleeping need. Well sleeping is the most important thing in our life. 

See the Pillows Menù
organic & Local cuisine

What we eat is what we are. Proteins let us grow and give us protections with Vitamins from Vegetables and fruits, Carboidrates give us the right energy to face all the activities we are do during the day.

So, is necessary to cook and serve high quality raw materials and we decided to develop a weekly menù, made by locals and Bio products.

Our guest will enjoy typical meals, cooked with experience from our chef an enjoy an healty kitchen.

Private Spa​

Is there anything better than an hour of exclusive Spa? 

A Finnish Sauna, a Jacuzzi and an Hay Bath, at your disposal. No stress, no queues, no  caos.

Focus on yourself and your emotions, of course, alongside those you love.


A dip in our source of purity.
Thanks to the flora and fauna, wisely cultivated in the lake itself, the acuqa is always pure and therefore bathing.
You can regenerate yourself in our dolomite water


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